Commission a Portrait by Tauno Kangro


If you’re interested in commissioning a portrait of yourself, your loved one, or a dear family pet then you have come to the right place.

Come to our Old Town art studio in Tallinn, Estonia to meet Tauno and see the artist’s portrait portfolio or opt for consultations by email or phone. We are here to help you in getting your commissioned artwork perfect the way you imagine it, be it a gift, an exciting experience or part of a celebration! 

Please see below description for details on these portrait commission packages.

Size: Typically 50 x 65 cm. This may vary based on type of paper and colour.
Please select your portrait subject:

Tauno Kangro has been commissioning portraits and custom artworks for over 25 years, giving him a wealth of experience and skill, which allows versatility in the subject of his artworks. Kangro’s specialties are portraits of people, and animals. At the same time, he enjoys drawing landscape and nature. He uses pastels and various types of paper and colour in his work. The main element in every work is the vision or desire that the customer has for the piece. This is always the starting point, and will be discussed in detail with the artist before he begins with the work. Usually, the client will have more than one drawing to choose from by the end of the creation process.

The nature of Tauno’s art stems from realism with an artist’s added touch of an emotion. The aim is not to have the portrait looking like a perfect photo, but rather encompass and carry a feeling, an emotion inspired by the person on the portrait or event where the artwork was created. For example, many couples have chosen to have their portrait drawn by Tauno in their wedding or a hen/bachelorette party. These pieces of art will embody the joyous feelings which symbolise the ultimate celebration of life.


1. Choose your portrait commissioning option. You can choose between:

  • One person portrait
  • Two people portrait, e.g. couple, friends, parent and child, owner with their pet, etc.
  • Family portrait
  • Pet portrait

2. Fill in all your details at the checkout and make sure to add your email and phone number. You can also add a note regarding your location preferences if you wish. However, all the details will be discussed in the first consultation.

3. One of our team members from the gallery will contact you by email within a few days of placing the order. In the email you will be asked if you would prefer to call or email for the consultation and some questions regarding the commissioned work and your timelines.

4. After you are happy with what has been discussed and agreed, the artist will start the work or meet you for the live portrait drawing experience.

5. The live drawing lasts typically for about 1.5 to 2 hours, and it can be an exciting experience in itself, or tailored to be a delightful part of any social occasion – be it a birthday, a seminar, a company’s client day, or just a bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party.

We hope you enjoy the experience as much as the portrait afterwards.

Please see below for further information, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

  • Price of commissioned artwork depends on the type of artwork chosen. The options are: one person portrait, two person portrait, family portrait, pet portrait.
  • Price displayed includes drawing of one portrait. Sometimes the artist will choose to create a few versions and will be able to give the client a choice for the finalised one portrait from the options.
  • Price displayed does not include framing or transportation. However, we are happy to help you with organising these for extra cost, or giving you contacts for our trusted business partners to arrange yourself. Please let us know in our initial consultation if you wish to discuss framing and/or transportation options.


Live Portrait Drawing

Location of the portrait drawing by default is Tauno Kangro’s art studio in Tallinn Old Town, address: Uus street 20, Tallinn, Estonia, 10111.

Please let us know in the initial consultation if you wish to change the location. On request, the location can be changed to:

  • Artist’s guesthouse and art gallery Graniitvilla, address: Lossipargi tee 8, Kernu vald, Laitse, Harjumaa, Estonia, 76302 (for no extra cost)
  • Other location in Tallinn Old Town (for no extra cost)
  • Other location in Estonia (for extra cost)
  • Other location in Europe (for extra cost)

Portrait Drawing from Photos

All portraits can be drawn also by using photos. Sometimes this is a good option when visiting the artist’s studio in Tallinn is not convenient. Please let us know in the initial consultation if this is your preference. We will then ask you to send us as many high quality photos of the person(s) and/or animal as possible (at least 5 good quality images). Also, it would help if you told us a little bit about the person or pet.

  • Who and what is to be in the portrait. This could be a family portrait, it could include pets, your house, your garden or meaningful objects or it could be a simple portrait of one person.
  • How big you would like it to be. Don’t forget to include about 10cm all round for the frame if you are measuring a space, but please be aware that artists normally talk about the canvas size when quoting.
  • When the work needs to be finished. Often there is a special date such as an anniversary, birthday or retirement.
  • The approximate budget. You might also need to consider framing and transportation costs.
  • Other considerations would include where the sittings will take place and, eventually, what clothes should be worn.

For help or more information please contact Pille Mägila, Head of Sales either on phone +372 6411002 or email

All the artworks sold on are made by artist Tauno Kangro. Most artworks are either unique pieces or part of a limited collection run. Some of these artworks may be sold at the same time in the Art Gallery in Tallinn, Uus 20, Tallinn, Estonia, 10111. Due to the nature of the business, we cannot guarantee that all the artworks on the website are always available to purchase. However, we will always let customers know if the artwork is not available before collecting their payment. In that case we may be able to offer alternative options to choose from:

  • An alternative artwork, or a selection of artworks which the artist believes are similar to the original work in terms of price, size, style and/or theme.
  • An option to order a custom made artwork. Please note that the process to create an original custom artwork may take several months.
  • In some cases the artist is able to create a new limited edition artwork based on the original or create a new unique artwork inspired by the original piece. In either case, we will email the customer with detailed information regarding the possibilities.

We will never collect any payment without checking the availability of the artwork first.

If you have any questions on the above, please feel free to contact us on:

Trust and experience are the most important aspects of fine art transport and handling. When giving precious works into the hands of a stranger, the owner of the art wants to be convinced that they are dealing with the most skilled and reliable partner. They want to be sure that their art is in the right hands. So do we, which is why we work in partnership with a fine art transportation company Plado Art Services OÜ, based in Estonia.

Plado Art Services have dealt with fine art transportation since 2004 and have a considerable amount of experience and comprehensive expertise. Therefore, we can guarantee the most professional and highest quality service to make sure all artworks arrive in perfect condition.

There are some countries where our online store checkout does not allow delivery. To some countries we have to organise shipments based on the exact location as well as what the artwork is. If you encounter this when checking out, please get into contact with us directly, and we will happily organise delivery for you.