The 16th annual Estonian Artists’ Association exhibition opened at the Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery and Tallinn City Gallery. The exhibition, which includes works by 169 artists, was called the “Spring Exhibition” for the fifth time.

Tauno Kangro sculpture at the Spring Exhibition is called “Kings are Playing Chess for their Countries”. It has a dual meaning depending on the viewpoint of the observer – a negative or a positive one? (Bronze and granite, 2015).

The Artists’ Association spring exhibition is a manifestation of diversity, a place where various artistic egos, spiritual attitudes, and visual handwriting meet. At the same time, the spring exhibition is a kind of “art competition”, which allows the participants to take a measure of each other.

Without aspiring to be an all-encompassing survey, the salon-type spring exhibition presents a spirited and diverse extract of the art being produced in Estonia today. The three whales carrying the weight of this exhibition are painting, graphic art and sculpture.

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