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26 km from Tallinn, Laitse Graniitvilla is a special venue for celebrating special occasions. The ground floor of this historic building, made of granite, features two large halls for social events. Upstairs, there are artistic suites displaying the works of a number of artists for those who would like to spend the night. The Graniitvilla is surrounded by a large sculpture garden with numerous monumental sculptures by the landlord, Tauno Kangro.

Laitse Graniitvilla – an enchanting artistic experience. The artist has breathed new life into the renovated old horse stables, appearing as if from an ancient epic, and enlivened the walls with works of art. You can take a stroll around the Villa in the wilderness of a large sculpture garden. And if you happen to come across the landlord in the yard, the artist will be happy to tell you the creation stories and completion process of the sculptures.

Inspired by nature, the luxurious hotel offers comfortable and peaceful accommodation. All the 9 suites have two bedrooms and occupy two floors. Time stands still when you are in a house that is so original and has a creative atmosphere.

Concerts and theatre. The Graniitvilla often holds concerts with musicians and singers from Estonia and elsewhere. Its good acoustics are evident from the TV show The Best Singers (in Estonian “Laula mu laulu”) that was set in the Villa. The villa is also a venue for theatrical performances by the Estonian Drama Theatre, etc. For information and tickets, visit Piletilevi.

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Modelling and drawing master classes with the artist, who teaches his guests how to model sculptures and how to draw. Beautiful nude models are usually also involved to capture the human just the way artists do on a daily basis. The course lasts for about 1.5 to 2 hours, and it can be tailored to be a delightful part of any social occasion – be it a wedding party, a birthday, a seminar, a company’s client day, or just a bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party. Drawing portraits at parties is also very popular.

The Villa has two halls available for rent. The large event area that has ample space for 200+ people can be used for weddings, receptions, banquets, parties, concerts, etc. The chimney room (for 50 people) is perfect for seminars, meetings, receptions, and anniversaries. The atmosphere is relaxed, convenient, and stylish.

In August 2016, Graniitvilla received the President’s award for “Beautiful Estonian Home 2016”.

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