SCULPTING, in Graniitvilla and Sculpture Gallery in Tallinn Old Town

Laitse Graniitvilla and the Sculpture Gallery in Tallinn Old Town offer art classes by
professional artist Tauno Kangro.

Kangro teaches you how to capture the human body in a sculpture or drawing, just like he does every day. Guests are provided with all of the necessary tools, and feedback from the artist at the end of the class. The participants can take their work home with them.

Minimum price 950€ + VAT includes:
• sculpting for up to 10 people
• 4 hours of rent (with no additional fees), materials and one model

A fee of 90€ + VAT is charged for each additional participant.

NB! For larger groups please make an inquiry for an estimate price.

NB! Additional services for both packages:
• additional model €150 + VAT
• catering based on our menus
• musician(s)

In order to get a quote, please contact us at