Reading Love Poetry


A Queen sitting and reading some love poetry at the end of the day when all important matters have been dealt with. This is her moment of quiet, calm and a little romance.
Size: 40 x 15 x 15
Year: 2014

Reading Love Poetry


This sculpture is from the theme of mythological Kings and Queens, the rulers from history and fantasy alike. Often they portray the funny or humorous aspects of these characters with so much power and responsibility. Other times the meaning is deeper and more to the point with sculptures such as the two Kings who are playing chess with countries. On other occasions however, the idea is much more romantic and beautiful showing the gentler side of these powerful characters. This is what makes us so fascinated by the Kings and Queens from past and present. We want to know about the hidden aspects - the love, longing for romance and secret fascinations. In the end we may find that they are also just like us, with human qualities. Or are we like them? Perhaps we are the Kings and Queens of our own lives... 

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